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The Studio

77 31st Street Studios

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Phone: 412-228-0231

Alyssa Hanna Falarski

Production & Property Manager

Job and Internship Opportunities

We are currently not hiring for any employment or internship opportunities. You are welcome to direct any inquiries to

Contact Us



About 31st Street

Already a leader in production services, as well as studio development and management, 31st Street Studios has all of the capabilities and commitment to the entertainment industry, and to servicing all projects with the full compliment of 31st Street Studios’ many resources and vast network in sports and entertainment.


The 31st Street Studio facility is located within Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, only minutes away from the cultural heart of downtown Pittsburgh. The studio is a 30-minute drive from the Pittsburgh International Airport, and even closer to its major universities and trade schools including the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Point Park University, and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. This ensures a steady supply of skilled crew and technicians, as well as brilliant creatives who define the future of the industry. Perhaps most importantly, the studio is surrounded by neighborhoods and towns that provide a diverse geographical and aesthetic backdrop for on-location aspects of production.


Additionally, by renovating, repurposing, and saving existing industrial space, 31st Street Studios is contributing to the ever growing and important green movement by better managing our planet’s limited resources. The reuse of this existing steel mill space is widely regarded as a significant factor in supporting green initiatives. 31st Street Studios continues to explore and act on revolutionary ways to balance the needs of its business with the worthy cause of reducing the footprint any business has on the environment.


With the ability to house three productions at once, 31st Street Studios can directly employ approximately 110 people, and indirectly upwards of 500 more per movie or TV series (1500 jobs at once). Additionally, upwards of 1,000 permanent jobs will be added through spin-off media companies on the fully built entertainment campus.


Through public/private partnership, including partnerships with local universities, 31st Street Studios has become an incubator for a growing cluster of entertainment companies in animation, post production, visual effects, video gaming and beyond, thus retaining talent and jobs for the Pittsburgh Region. Internships and other job opportunities provided by the studio complex are also a training ground for the area’s universities and trade schools.


31st Street Studios is a profit center that generates hundreds of jobs as well as tax revenue within the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The complex is a clearinghouse for all talent in the film and television industry, as well as the multi‐media service industry. This studio complex houses both union and non‐union entities (thereby taking advantage of the 60% of production in the five surrounding states that is nonunion), allowing it to collaborate with professionals in the business without excluding aspiring entities. The studio is also a center where educators can exchange ideas with professionals, passing on the industry’s latest developments and demands to the next generation of media moguls. The studio complex will assist the Pittsburgh Film Office as a “deal closer” to reclaim Pittsburgh’s rank as a film production destination.