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Why Film in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has been a favorite destination of film production since the 1940′s because of its diverse topography, interesting architecture, and economic work atmosphere. Over time, several factors unfortunately seduced filmmakers away to other states and Canada. But now, the city is back! Pittsburgh is making headlines as the new Hollywood of the East due to its incomparable tax credits, enthusiastic community, and outstanding talent. Movie and Television Production Companies have brought over one billion dollars into Southwestern Pennsylvania with over a total of 135 feature films and TV programs being filmed in our region (revenue quoted from Pittsburgh Film Office statistics). Why film in Pittsburgh? The better question, is why not?


“My time as an intern at 31st Street Studios was paramount to finding my footing in the entertainment/media industry. As an intern I had opportunities to learn the office, production and networking interactions that are central to the functions of entertainment. I got to have interpersonal interactions with production staff and crew, to assess and document their experiences on set and learn some of their trade secrets as well. My internship coordinator, Alyssa, was incredibly supportive in my professional, personal, and academic growth. Her advice and letter of recommendation helped me secure an internship at CBS News in New York! I would recommend 31st Street Studios’ internship program to ambitious students looking to find a path in entertainment/media. If you are hungry for experience and driven, this can be an invaluable experience. I would not be where I am today without 31st Street.” -Issac Minkoff (Fall 2015 Intern)
“As someone who has been looking forward to a career in film throughout my life, 31st Street Studios was the best possible choice I could make as my first step towards building that dream career. I was able to meet some of the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, and I have gained invaluable experience, through first working as an Intern and later as Stage Manager, on a full fledged film studio where some of my favorite movies of the past few years have been filmed.  31st Street Studios has it all, with a facility large enough to house multi-million dollar productions as well as gigantic music and film festivals, 31st Street will remain a staple of Pittsburgh’s culture for years to come.” -William Sharples (Summer 2016 Intern)