Rentals - 31st Street Studios
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Chair Rental

Over 250 high quality folding chairs are available for rent at our studio for $3 per day. We also have chair dollies available for easy transportation.

Table Rental

Both 8 foot long banquet tables and square card tables are available for rent. Banquet Tables are $10 per table per day and Card Tables are $5 per table per day.

Table Cloth Linen Rental

We have enough black table linens to suit any of your needs. The size is 70×120 inches which means it will fit both banquet and card tables. We ensure that every table cloth is clean and ready for use. Each table cloth will cost $5 per linen per day.

Wine Glass Rental

Stemless wine glasses are perfect for every event. That’s why we have them readily available here at the studio. Whether you’re serving white or red wine, we will have enough glasses for any party size.

Walkie Talkie Rental

We are currently working on a partnership for walkie talkie rentals to suit any production/event needs. Please contact our Production Manager for more details.

Space Heater Rental

If you plan on holding an event or shooting a production during the winter time, we are fully prepared with space heaters to warm up any small area while you’re here.

Wardrobe Rack Rental

Production Shoot? Fashion Show? Party? You may need a wardrobe rack to hold all of your various clothing articles. We have them right here at the studio ready to be used!

Picture Car Rental

Need a Picture Car for an upcoming shoot? We have two TV Camera trucks that can be used right away. One is an older model, and the other is more modern.

Ladder Rental

Our stages can reach as high as 54′ so using a ladder is sometimes necessary for your production or event purposes. Whether you need to hang lights or film a shot from higher angles, we will ensure that you receive sturdy and steady help.