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Tax Credits

Tax Credits

Pennsylvania offers a 25% Film Tax Credit to films that spend at least 60% of their total production budget in the Commonwealth. Eligible projects include: feature films, TV films, TV talk or game show series, TV commercials, and TV pilots or episodes intended as programming for a national audience. Applications can be filed up to 90 days prior to the start date of principal photography. Furthermore, a film production company can obtain an additional 5% tax credit for qualified film production expenses if a facility qualifies as a “Qualified Production Facility” – 31st Street Studios is approved as a qualified production facility.


In order to be fully eligible for a 25% credit, the parties in charge must submit two application forms to the Pennsylvania Film Office. The first of these is the Single Application, which calls for basic credentials to determine whether or not the production meets the film tax credit terms. The next step is to arrange an interview with the Director of the Pennsylvania Film Office. After the interview, applicants must mail the Pennsylvania Film Office a full list of production costs in the form of a budget top sheet.


The second online form to submit is the Film Tax Credit Application. This calls for specific details about the production, including cast and crew information, log line and script for the project, a list of counties in Pennsylvania that will serve as shooting locations, and the total number of scheduled productions days inside and outside of the state of Pennsylvania.


For the full process please visit Pennsylvania Film Office’s website:


Applicants who receive the 25% credit must follow up by sending monthly progress reports to the Film Office throughout the pre-production, principal photography, and post-production stages. It is required for the project to both mention the Pennsylvania Film Office’s support and include the office’s logo within the ending credits. Lastly, a Final Production & Economic Impact Report detailing the amount of budget money spent in Pennsylvania must be submitted to the Film Office within 60 days after completing the production.


31st Street Studios can help you broker, sell, and monetize your tax credits. We know the right people to talk to, and would love to assist with any future productions you want to bring to the city. Contact us today!